Hope Haven Funding is Complete!

God is good!  He continues to provide for our needs at the New Mexico Christian Children’s Home.  Last September, I reported that we were nearing completion of the Hope Haven project and only lacked $999,000 to complete this project.  We began in 2015 with the expectation that it would take us 5-10 years to raise the $6 million dollars needed to build 16 new duplexes for our single parent ministry. 

Entrance to Hope Haven, Current Construction in the Center of the Loop

But, God had other plans!  In three short years, God, through many generous donors, has provided all the funding for Hope Haven – our single parent homes for children.  Since September, donors have come forward to fund 2 more duplexes and a home for our campus minister.  One anonymous donor felt it was important that our campus minister have a home at Hope Haven where he and his family could effectively minister to the 40 single parents and their children that will eventually be served by this ministry.  Currently, Jim Tharp, our campus minister, is reaching out and ministering to over 100 children and 30 single moms in our residential and single parent homes. 

 So, in a few short months, the construction will be complete on Hope Haven, providing 15 duplexes for single parents, 1 duplex for staff (who are also single moms) and a home for our campus minister.  In addition to these 30 homes for single parents at Hope Haven, we also have 6 apartments at the Wahlman Homes for Children and 4 apartments on our residential campus for a total of 40 single parent homes!

One of our single moms gives her life to Jesus!

This is all great news, but the really great news is that many of these single moms have been introduced to Jesus and are becoming Christians.  In the past few months, we have rejoiced with the Father and His angels as 5 single moms have obeyed Jesus in baptism.  We have also witnessed the change in behavior of not only many of our single parents, but their children as well.  We are watching as these wonderful ladies are improving their lives through better education and better employment so that they will soon be self-sustaining for their families. 

The brick and mortar houses are almost complete but the real construction of changed lives is ongoing!  Praise and Thanksgiving belong to our God!  Thank you to the many donors who have made it possible for us to help single parent families change their lives and become part of the family of God!

                  West Side of Hope Haven

If you would like to contribute to the ongoing expenses (like utility costs, etc.) of the Single Parent Ministry, please mark your contribution for “Single Parent Homes.” 

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