Your gift allows us to put funds where they are most needed today.

Farm and Livestock

Farm and Livestock

Your gift will support all aspects of our Farm and Livestock focus including agricultural and livestock supplies, farm equipment, and other costs associated with helping to feed our growing family.


Recreation and Fitness

Your gift will be used to help meet the costs of sports equipment, athletic clothing, uniforms, sports registration fees, sports camps fees and other expenses related to our children’s involvement in sports and recreation.


Residential Homes

Your gift will be used to support the needs of our children and cottages in Residential Homes.


New Mother Homes

Your gift will be used to meet expenses related to providing safe housing, spiritual and financial support to new mothers and their unborn babies.

Single Parent Homes

Single Parent Homes

Your gift will help meet the needs of our single parent families and the operating costs of their housing.


Spiritual Life

Your gift will support our Spiritual Life focus, including expenses such as sending our children to Bible Camps, retreats and other events that encourage them in their walk with Jesus.

Learning Center (2)

Extended Learning (academics)

Your gift will help us provide for tutors, supplies, scholarships and other costs related to the vocational and educational success of our children.


Extended Learning (mental health)

Your gift will help us provide counselors and counseling services to our children who will benefit from extra help in this area.


Fair and 4-H Activities

As part of our Farm and Livestock youth focus, your gift will support the training, material, supply and travel costs of having our kids involved in fairs and 4-H, where they learn to value God’s creation and improve their social skills as they work alongside one another in our state and local communities.