In the early 1950's, J.W. and Mary Terrry were listening to a sermon by a preacher named Grover C. Ross at a church of Christ in Portales, New Mexico.  Grover preached that Sunday on James 1:27 about how God defines "pure religion" as taking care of others, especially orphans and widows.  Mr. and Mrs. Terry responded to that message by offering 80 acres of land outside of Portales to begin a ministry to children in need.  As a result, the New Mexico Christian Children’s Home opened its doors in March of 1954 to help children and families in crisis.

Today, we serve about 45 children in our residential homes to help children whose families can’t provide for their needs for a variety of reasons.

In 1979, we added “A Mother’s Choice”, a licensed New Mexico adoptive agency. A Mother’s Choice provides a complete range of professional services and confidential, compassionate assistance to birth mothers and fathers and provides each child we serve a quality adoptive home.

In 1983, we began our ministry to single parents to meet a growing need in our society. Our single parents are provided a home, utilities and other necessities during the 2-4 year program while they live with their children and improve their living conditions. Our goal for each single parent is that after completing our 2-4 year program, they are able to fully support their families with a new career or a higher paying job.

The New Mexico Christian Children’s Home has 3 causes, yet one mission. Our mission is to serve the needs of children and families. We serve together with families in need of our residential homes, we bring families together in our adoptive homes and we keep families together in our single parent homes.

The New Mexico Christian Children's Home continues to be supported by the generous donations of churches and individuals associated with churches of Christ.


At the New Mexico Christian Children’s Home, we serve children in three ways through our Residential Homes, Adoptive Homes and Single Parent Homes. With these emphases on family, it is our goal to raise the children we serve by following the example of the family of Jesus. Luke 2:52 gives us a brief glance into the childhood of Jesus and the four areas that His parents focused on. Based on this model, we have four areas of focus that support the children and families we serve.

“And Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man.”
Luke 2:52

Recreation and Fitness (Stature)

Our focus on Recreation and Fitness addresses the physical needs of our children in a variety of ways. We provide opportunities for recreation through our gym and playgrounds on our campus. Many of our children participate in football, baseball, basketball and soccer in city leagues and at the public school.

We also provide them opportunities to learn the value of work through internships and working on the ranch. We teach the importance of proper hygiene and balanced nutrition to ensure they grow up to be physically healthy.

We also provide medical, dental and vision care for our children to ensure they are healthy and properly cared for.

Many of our children grow up at the Home so we do our best to make their time here as much like a family as possible. We have family meal times in the cottages, celebrate birthdays, holidays and other milestones with our children just as any functional family would do.

Extended Learning (Wisdom)

Our children come to us with a variety of issues. Some of these require loving discipline and behavior management while others may require professional counseling. Many of our children come to us with deficiencies in their education and we work hard to help them catch up.

To focus on extended learning, we provide our children with trained caregivers to live in our cottages, and a professional staff to provide advice and training to our single and adoptive parents. Utilizing our relationships with local mental health care providers, we work to ensure the children in our care get the professional help they need.

Our Learning Center contains a computer lab, volunteer tutors and a well-stocked library of books to aid in our student’s education. Through generous donations, we are able to provide scholarships for college and vocational schools.  

Our goal is for each child who finishes our residential program to graduate from high school and with every child we serve, that they learn to make wise choices in their lives.

Farm and Livestock (Favor with Man and Creation)

Our Farm and Livestock focus serves two purposes.  First, through the ranch, the program provides our beef and pork for the children and single parents in our Residential and Single Parent Homes.  You will see a variety of animals at our ranch. There are cattle, sheep, pigs, goats, rabbits and even a miniature donkey and a llama! The ranch provides our children an opportunity to participate in 4-H and to show animals at the County Fair.  By working on the ranch with the animals, our children learn the value of work and develop a love of God’s creatures.

Fair and 4-H activities provide our residents an opportunity to interact with other adults and children in the farm and ranch communities of New Mexico.  This instills in them a sense of community and belonging as they learn to love God’s creatures and God’s people.

Spiritual Life (Favor with God)

A focus on spiritual development is also a major aspect of our work at NMCCH.  We have a full time Campus Life Minister that ministers to the spiritual needs of our residents and single parent families.  Our Campus Life Minister shares the good news of Jesus with our residents and single parent families through both individual and group Bible studies, provides spiritual counseling and encourages them in their walk with Jesus.   

We also meet their spiritual needs through church family activities, Bible camps, Leadership Training for Christ and the positive Christian example of our house parents and staff.  

Our goal is to teach our children how to be responsible members of society and involved members of a local church family.  Ninety percent of our residents and many of our single parents and their children come to Christ during their time at NMCCH.  

1 Mission – 3 Causes

This is what we are all about at the New Mexico Christian Children’s Home.  We do this without government money and depend on the generosity of private donors to accomplish our mission.  Will you help us today?


Aaron Goodman
Aaron Goodman

Executive Director

Aaron holds a Bachelor's Degree in Electrical Engineering and a Master's Degree in English with emphasis in Cultural Studies, both from New Mexico State University. He came to NMCCH after a thirty year career in engineering and project management supporting NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center

Aaron has been married to his wonderful wife Lana for over thirty years, and together they are blessed with three amazing daughters.

Stephen M. Hardin

Director of Development 

Stephen has been part of the NMCCH family since 1987. Stephen holds a Bachelor's degree in Visual Communications from Lubbock Christian University and Master's Degree in Mass Communications from Eastern New Mexico University. He has taught communications courses at multiple colleges and universities for over a decade.

Stephen has been married to his amazing wife, Cassie for over 8 years. They have a sweet boy, Lucas Oliver, who is nearly two years old.
Van Wettering, D (1)
David Van Wettering

Human Resources Administrator

David worked as a houseparent for the NMCCH for 8 years before earning his bachelors and master’s degree in education from ENMU.  He worked in the public schools for the next 31 years as a teacher, a principal, and assistant superintendent.  After retiring from a career in education, he now serves as the human resource director for the NMCCH.

David has been married to his best friend (Carolyn) for over 40 years.  They have been blessed with two children and six grandchildren.


If you would like to contact any of our Board Members you may e-mail them at board.of.directors@nmcch.org. Please indicate the board member you would like to contact or the specific committee for which you would like information. Thank you for your interest!

Bob Terhune (President)

Investments, Personnel, Legal
Lubbock, TX

Scotty Holloman
 Scotty Holloman

Hobbs, NM

Jack Merrick
Jack Merrick (Secretary)

Farm, Building
Portales, NM

Roy Alexander
Roy Alexander

Lubbock, TX

Buddy Blue (Vice Pres.)

Building, Farm, Personnel
Portales, NM

Mike Wischkaemper
Mike Wischkaemper

 Farm, Investments, Legal, Scholarships
Lubbock, TX

Kerry Fender

Midland, TX

  Mike Hankins

Investments, Scholarships
Weatherford, TX

David Reves
David Reves

  Farm, Scholarships
Keller, TX

brad woosley
Brad Woosley

Denver City, TX

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  Eddie Wilson

   Levelland, TX

  Keith Rall

Scholarships, Building
Hobbs, NM