2017: A Year of Blessings and Growth

Our good work is about you and because of you!  You make a difference in so many lives, transforming them to a higher level, teaching them the ways of God, blessing them for a better life on earth and eternity in heaven!

In 2017, you took care of more children than ever before in the history of NMCCH!  All together, we served 209 individuals.  Every night, you bed down over 100 children, some who learn their bedtime prayers for the first time.

Keeping Families Together:  You provided for 77 Single Parent children and 41 Single Parents.  Six were baptized recently as a result of this wonderful program!

Putting Families Together:  You finalized 7 adoptive homes for children with two more in the planning stages, a record for A Mother’s Choice!  35 minor children were given daily family care in permanency placing.

Serving Families Together:  You cared for 46 children in Residential Homes, and a few more in our college scholarship program.  You’ve partnered in developing one of the finest Residential Homes in the country, with a 6.2 year, nation leading average House Parent retention.

With extra mouths to feed, there is much work ahead of us.  We need you more than ever to continue forward.  The challenges are great!  The victory is promised!

We are so grateful to you,

R.C. Self

Executive Director

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