After All These Years

After All These Years

Circumstances and situations in life threaten to destroy us. Children often fall victim to life’s struggles. Since 1954, New Mexico Christian Children’s Home has been helping children transform failures into victories and replace frowns and tears with smiles and hope.


Times have changed since the early days of the Home but people still need help and children still need hope. God is the source of all our success here at NMCCH! He is still saving children and families through His bountiful blessings to the Home!



2 thoughts on “After All These Years

  1. Boy, things have sure changed in the last seventeen to eighteen years! For the better I’m sure. Everything looks great from here. Hope everyone is doing well?

  2. Back in the day, 1991 to 1999 to be exact. Living in what we called cottages, one through six. Of course we had sponsors for each one. I worked a lot in the mechanics shop, taking care of the vehicles when I wasn’t watching the kids!

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