Residential Care

Residential Homes and Services


The NMCCH serves boys and girls who need a change of environment or educational setting.

We believe a child just needs a chance to be a champion!

Children come to the Home for a variety of reasons. We are a home to the homeless. Single parents who deeply love their children are our most common clients. Death and divorce are common factors for the families that we serve. We provide child care help for parents with disabilities. Serious financial problems devastate some families. New Mexico is a national leader in child poverty. NMCCH is part of the solution.


Our caring professional house parents provide a quality home life for the children in our care. Children live in a safe Christ-centered family atmosphere where Love is the unifying force that offers encouragement and support to all.

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Do you know a family in crisis or a child in need of help? BE PART OF THE SOLUTION. To find out how, just give us a call at 575-356-5372 (or 1-800-553-2229 if you are out of the area). 

Ready to make a referral? Please read the letter file below. You may click on the online application to enter and send your information to us immediately by email. Or you may wish to print out the short Pre-Admission Form or the full Application, then mail or fax these back to us. Please contact us if you have any questions. Thank you.