NMCCH Board of Directors

Bob Terhune (President)

  • Investments, Personnel, Legal

Mike Wischkaemper (Vice-President)

  • Farm, Investments, Scholarships, Wills & Estates

Jack Merrick (Secretary)

  • Farm, Special Building

Roy Alexander

  • Personnel

Buddy Blue

  • Screening

Jace Ensor

  • Building, Investments, Vehicles

Kerry Fender

  • Farm, Vehicles

Mike Hankins

  • Investments, Scholarships

Roger Harrell

  • Personnel, Scholarships

Scotty Holloman

  • Legal, Wills & Estates

Hal Howell

  • Special Building

Keith Rall

  • Scholarships

David Reves

  • Farm, Scholarships

G.C. Ross

  • Scholarships & Building

Eddie Wilson

  • Personnel, Scholarships

If you would like to contact any of our Board Members you may e-mail them at board.of.directors@nmcch.org. Please indicate the board member you would like to contact or the specific committee for which you would like information. Thank you for your interest!