Farm & Livestock

Thanks to all the donors whose generosity allows the Children’s Home to have livestock and land to offer our children the experience of a lifetime! You are the true heroes!

New Mexico Christian Children’s Home offers our children the opportunity to experience farm life on our campus 8 miles from Portales, NM. All the children in the residential homes and the single parent homes are fed as a result of the herd of cattle, the flock of sheep and goats and pigs, which are purchased once a year for the 4-H program. Youth are given the opportunity to participate in the yearly branding, tagging and vaccinating of the livestock which are raised here at NMCCH. This is an experience they will always remember.

Many of our youngsters participate in our 4-H group, The Shooting Stars. This opportunity teaches them values like commitment, responsibility, as well as the chance to work with the animals, which is always a therapeutic endeavor. When the youngsters make money through the sale of their animals after the fair they learn the skill of money management as they pay 20% for their feed costs and then bank the remainder for when they graduate and move into the next phase of their life.

Every year more and more of our children choose to participate in 4-H and every year the numbers grow of children who make the market sale. This means more children are accumulating money for their bank accounts. While this is encouraging to them, the satisfaction of accomplishment after hard work and dedication is priceless, not to mention a ribbon to hang on their wall testifying to their success!

Your donations to the Farm & Livestock Program make this possible! You give our children the experience of a lifetime! Thank you!

(For more information you can reach us at (575) 356-5372. You can donate online by just clicking on the donate button at the top of the page.)