God Sightings!

I was once in a group that talked about sharing “God sightings.”  These are times when you can clearly see God at work in bringing people together or teaching us a lesson that we need to learn or something very simple like showing Himself through nature in such a profound way that it increases your […]

Nehemiah’s Baptism

This is the story of Nehemiah’s journey to faith and acceptance of Jesus in baptism.  It is written by his House Dad, Bobby Jackson in Cottage 1. Over the past few months, Nehemiah asked his house parents and Bible teachers questions about salvation.   Earlier, he saw several other boys get baptized.  He again told […]

It Takes All of Us!

The New Mexico Christian Children’s Home is supported by the generosity of many donors.  What is truly awesome is the variety of our donors.  Some donors are able to give large amounts of money that have helped us build Hope Haven for Single Parent families or provided scholarships for our students and single moms to […]